The main aim of our company is development of new technological decisions, and also restoration of the lost technologies for the last 20 years in the sphere of an electroerosion.

Our engineers participated in development of the EDM wire  “Razriad-1C”, under the leadership of author Aleksandrov V.N. in 2010-2011, (Rakov O.I., Korneyev Yu.A. Polyakov of A.I.) on base "Leninets Plant", St. Petersburg.

Firstly the machine was developed by request of our partners “The Disis” company, Moscow for professional training, but precision characteristics of this machine allow to use successfully it and on factories.

This machine was presented at the international exhibition "Metal working"  in 2011, 2012 and received high feedbacks.  On the machine patents are held.

In 2011-2012 was developed the punch machine – “Razriad-1P”.

In 2013 the experimental batch of “ Razriad -1C” – ED wire cutting machines (EDM wire) – was released. 

At present time the machine “ Razriad -1C” is the leader in a class of small-sized machines by quantity and quality of tasks, which it can complete with this machine.

Perspective development – electroerosive turning, electroerosive milling.


Our company offers services in the field of electroerosive processing of conducting materials:

  • - Development of manufacturing techniques of difficult details;
  • - Development and making of production tooling;
  • - Production of details;
  • - Electrochemical boring;
  • - Removal of the broken taps, drills, etc.;
  • - The organization of sections of electroerosive processing at your enterprise;
  • - Consultations.


 We by means of our machines make production of details according to your drawings.

To begin work with us and to make details it is possible in two steps:

1 . You send us the drawing by e-mail in a format * dxf (AutoCAD 2004) or *jpg.

2 . We confer about possibility of production of a detail and contact you.

It is also possible to organize personal meeting or to ask any question interesting you by phone +79110029576 (Yury Korneev – Chief Technical Officer).